Online CPR Training

Our online CPR training

Who is this training for?

Our "CPR/AED - General Public" training is for anyone who wants to learn the basic life-saving skills.

This online CPR training is best suited for Personal Support Workers (PSWs). Our online CPR training for the general public is four (4) hours in length.

Our "CPR/AED - General Public" training meets the requirements set out at the national level. It will therefore give you a valid and recognized certification.


Do I need to take CPR or First Aid training online?

If you are a Personal Support Worker (PSW), we recommend that you check with your employer or the appropriate authorities in your jurisdiction for specific training requirements.

In general, attendants will be required to complete a 4-hour CPR/AED course. Our online CPR training will meet all your needs. This is a training course that includes all the essentials on CPR as well as the use of an automatic external defibrillator. You can find this training here:

In some cases, especially in senior residences (RPA), your employer may require you to take a 16-hour training course. In this case, we recommend our "First Aid - Advanced General Public (16 hours)" training. This training includes CPR/AED components, but also components on injury prevention and treatment, anaphylactic-type allergic reactions, etc. This training for, among others, orderlies, is available at the following link

* Attention! This training is not equivalent to the CNESST "First Aid in the Workplace" training.

*Please note that we do not offer the PDSB training.


Details of the training

Our online CPR training includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Roles and responsibilities of the rescuer
  • Life-saving emergencies
    • Angina crisis
    • STROKE
  • CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) maneuvers for the following clients
    • Adult
    • Child
    • Infant
  • The maneuvers of DVR (Airway clearance) in the clientele :
    • Adult
    • Child
    • Infant
  • And more ...

To learn more about the content of our online CPR training, we invite you to consult our "Detailed Training Plan" available at the following address

This is a "Level C" training (Adult, Child and Infant) which includes learning how to use an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator).

The Professional Obligation of Personal Support Workers (PSWs)

It is the duty of the Attendant Caregiver (ACG) to keep their skills up to date in order to practice their profession. Keeping their CPR skills up to date is therefore essential to ensure the safety of the patients they work with.

Here is a link from the "Regulation respecting the conditions for obtaining a certificate of compliance and the operating standards of a private residence for seniors" explaining the responsibilities in terms of CPR and First Aid for attendants to beneficiaries:


Regulation respecting the conditions for obtaining a certificate of compliance and the operating standards for a private residence for seniors

Act respecting health services and social services

22. Every attendant must, not later than one year after the date of his or her entry into service, hold certificates of achievement issued by the persons or bodies mentioned in Schedule IV confirming that he or she has successfully completed training in each of the following subjects

  1. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation;
  2. General first aid;
  3. Principles of safe movement of persons.

In the case of the subjects referred to in subparagraphs 1 and 2 of the first paragraph, the training must allow the acquisition of the competencies mentioned in this schedule.

Every employee must, at all times after the period referred to in the first paragraph, hold such certificates of achievement.


The functioning of our training courses

Our online CPR training is offered 100% online. This means you can take your course independently. You will be able to start your training at your own pace.

Once you purchase the CPR Online course, you will have a maximum of 10 weeks to complete it.

Our theoretical exams

At the end of each reading block, you will be evaluated through various theoretical multiple-choice questionnaires. The passing grade for each quiz is set at 80%.

Practical sessions

Mandatory practical sessions will be required of you. Our exclusive automated system will take you through these sessions at your own pace, step by step.

You will be invited to build your own small CPR mannequin using everyday objects in order to assimilate the different first aid techniques.

Our exclusive automated system will guide you through these steps. The practices are done independently. You will be asked to follow the steps of each practice until the end of a timer to confirm that you have completed it.  These sessions will allow you to assimilate the different approaches to a first aid intervention, thus allowing you to acquire the necessary reflexes.

You will also be invited to download our FREE CPR - ASB mobile application to use as an accessory to ensure a proper rhythm of compressions and breaths.

To learn more about our mobile application, you can visit our dedicated page available at

Our success criteria

Each CPR Online training certification issued by Académie Saint-Bernard® is therefore proof that the candidates have met all of our criteria for success, namely

  1. Completed all readings included in the training.
  2. Completion of all mandatory practical sessions within the given minimum time requirements.
  3. Pass with an average of 80% or more each of the theoretical evaluations included in the training.

Our certificate

Upon successful completion of your online CPR training, a certification will automatically be issued to you in your profile. You can then download it, email it or print it without any problem. If you absolutely need to receive the certification card, simply request it upon completion of the training.

Each certification in our CPR Online training has a unique "URL" and "QR" code. This makes it impossible for an individual to falsify a certification from Saint Bernard Academy.

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