• These terms and conditions apply specifically to the Académie Saint-Bernard and its website, accessible at https://academiesb.com/. All content on the site is the exclusive property of the Académie Saint-Bernard, with all rights strictly reserved. The content of this site is specifically designed for education and training, to teach skills in accordance with national guidelines for medical, trauma and resuscitation first aid.
  • It is important to note that the content of this site is developed from a variety of sources available to the general public as well as to healthcare professionals. Académie Saint-Bernard has made reasonable and good faith efforts to ensure the accuracy and validity of the educational material on the site. However, users are encouraged to consult additional sources, including healthcare professionals, to validate the application of the knowledge conveyed. These terms and conditions are intended to clearly define the rights and responsibilities of users and Académie Saint-Bernard with regard to the online training offered.
  • It is imperative to emphasize that the techniques taught by the Academy must never be attempted or practiced on individuals who do not need them. Such an approach, when unnecessary, could result in serious or even fatal injury. Traumatic first aid maneuvers should be reserved for those who need them, and preferably performed under the supervision of a licensed professional.
  • The Académie Saint-Bernard disclaims all liability for any loss or damage, whether in contract or tort, under local, state or federal law, resulting from the use of or reliance on the training materials, performed at your own risk. Although the Academy has implemented security protocols that comply with the latest standards and digital tools to facilitate learning, it cannot guarantee that candidates have completed their training in full compliance with the terms and conditions.
  • All information associated with a user account, including e-mail address, username and password, is considered strictly personal. It is essential to emphasize that any inappropriate use of this data may result in the revocation of a certification issued by our establishment. We pay particular attention to the confidentiality of this information, in strict compliance with the most rigorous security standards. This is to guarantee the integrity of users' personal data and to preserve the validity of any certification obtained within our institution.
  • It should be noted that the first and last names on a certificate cannot be modified from the user account. Consequently, only the profile holder's name will appear on any certificate issued in that profile. This measure reinforces the accuracy and legitimacy of issued certifications, ensuring the credibility of the entire certification process within our platform.
  • The candidate's responsibility includes taking the necessary steps to ensure full assimilation of the training course(s) attended. In the event of confirmed or suspected non-compliance with the terms and conditions, the Academy reserves the right to revoke the candidate's certificate without notice, or to require a complete re-take of the course. Should the candidate refuse to repeat the training as requested, the Academy reserves the right to revoke the certificate without notice and without right to reimbursement.
  • First-aid training material should not be the only source of information when performing a first-aid procedure; other opinions should be sought. Before taking any action that could result in injury, damage or even death, it is imperative to call 911 and follow the instructions of the emergency medical dispatcher.
  • The certificate of completion attests that the candidate has successfully completed all modules of the training course(s). The role of the Académie Saint-Bernard is to educate the candidate in accordance with the latest scientific guidelines, making reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy and validity of the material, in line with national first aid requirements.
  • Instructions for CPR, with or without AED, DVR, medical and trauma first aid, must not be seen or practiced by individuals who do not fully understand the content and its potential consequences.
  • The Académie Saint-Bernard and all persons and entities involved in the creation, production and distribution of its website and teaching materials are not affiliated with organizations such as the American and Canadian Red Cross, the Heart and Stroke Foundation, St. John Ambulance, or any other organization.
  • The printed certificate may differ from the image displayed on the website and is intended to certify that, to the best of the purchaser's knowledge, the purchaser has successfully completed one or more of Académie Saint-Bernard's online training courses. The Académie has made reasonable and good faith efforts to ensure that the candidate has passed his/her certification in a legal and honest manner, without any act of cheating.
  • The candidate will be able to administer CPR, with or without AED, DVR, medical and trauma first aid, in a real emergency in accordance with the certification passed. However, the Academy does not guarantee, either explicitly or implicitly, that its certification will comply with user or third-party requirements or standards. The customer is solely responsible for compliance with employer requirements and regulations.
  • A detailed course syllabus is available for each training course. If an employer requires a practical exam, it is the candidate's responsibility to contact an Académie Saint-Bernard representative to conduct the exam via video discussion.
  • As part of our commitment to the quality and integrity of our certifications, Académie Saint-Bernard reserves the right to make random telephone calls to holders of certifications issued by our institution. This is to verify the legitimacy of the certifications awarded and to maintain the high standards of our programs. In the event of non-cooperation or contradictory information, Académie Saint-Bernard reserves the right to take any necessary action, including cancellation of the certification concerned.



Académie Saint-Bernard has established specific terms and conditions for returns to ensure a transparent and fair shopping experience. We wish to clearly inform you of these conditions.


Shipping Error or Damaged Product:

  • In the event of a shipping error or damaged product, Académie Saint-Bernard will cover the return shipping costs of the new order generated.
  • No restocking fee will be charged, provided the return is made within 10 days of receipt of the product.


Customer order error:

  • A 15% restocking fee applies to returns resulting from a customer order error.
  • Return shipping costs to the sender are at the customer's expense.


Return period:

  • No returns will be accepted more than 10 days after receipt of goods.


Packaging and return shipment:

  • It is imperative to pack the goods carefully before returning them.
  • We recommend insuring the return package in case of loss or damage.
  • Returns must be stamped by the customer, unless otherwise specified.


Return packaging :

  • L'Académie Saint-Bernard reminds you to pack merchandise securely before returning it.
  • We recommend that you insure your return package in case of loss or damage.
  • For your own protection, we recommend that you use a carrier that provides proof of delivery.
  • Académie Saint-Bernard is not responsible for loss or damage to returned merchandise.


Unauthorized Returns:

  • Unauthorized returns will not be accepted unless otherwise specified.


  • Packages Refused by Consignee:
  • Packages refused by the recipient are considered unauthorized returns and are subject to the same charges.
  • Customer is responsible for return shipping charges.


Credit for Returns:

  • Académie Saint-Bernard issues a credit once merchandise has been received and inspected.
  • For a credit to be issued, merchandise must be in its original packaging, with all documentation, warranty cards, instructions and accessories, and in resalable condition.
  • No credit will be issued if merchandise is damaged, scratched or incomplete.
  • Initial shipping charges are non-refundable.


Special Orders:

Any product identified as a special order is non-returnable.


Modification of Terms and Conditions:

Académie Saint-Bernard reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions without prior notice.

These terms and conditions are intended to ensure a transparent and fair returns process in accordance with Académie Saint-Bernard's established business standards.




Académie Saint-Bernard attaches great importance to transparency when it comes to shipping and handling fees associated with your orders. Here are specific details on these charges.


Choice of carrier :

  • Orders will be shipped by the carrier of our choice, with a notable preference for Canada Post.


Freight charges :

  • A flat shipping charge of $19.99 before taxes will be applied to all orders totaling less than $99.99 before taxes.*


Free shipping :

  • You benefit from free shipping on all orders over $100.00 before taxes.

*Exceptions may apply. L'Académie Saint-Bernard reserves the right to adjust prices in special circumstances, such as bulky items, shipments to remote areas, deliveries outside Canada, etc. If adjustment fees apply, please contact us. If adjustment charges are necessary for your delivery, a qualified member of our team will inform you of these adjustments before the merchandise is shipped. This ensures total transparency and proactive communication for an optimal shopping experience.



Prices are net: GST/HST and provincial sales tax will be added to the invoice;

  • Académie Saint-Bernard may withdraw products periodically and permanently without notice;
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.



  • We are pleased to offer you personalized service for your quotation requests. For detailed information on our products and services, and to receive a customized quotation, please contact our dedicated customer service team. We have competent professionals ready to answer all your questions and provide you with the information you need.


Please do not hesitate to contact us at the following coordinates:

  • Telephone 1-866-691-0911
  • E-mail info@academiesb.com





To optimize your shopping experience and provide you with complete information on our promotions, please read the following terms and conditions.


Non-combination of promotions :

  • Promotions cannot be combined with other promotions, offers, promotional codes, discounts or liquidations.


Applicability to previous orders :

  • Promotions are not retroactive and cannot be applied to orders already placed or to previous purchases.


Products Requiring a Quote:

  • Products requiring a quotation are not eligible for promotions.


Non-Transferability of Promotions:

  • Promotions cannot be transferred, replaced or exchanged for cash, store credit or to settle an account.


Unique Use of Promotional Codes:

  • Promotional codes may only be used once, unless otherwise specified.


Application of Promotional Codes:

  • To benefit from a discount linked to a promotional code, please enter it before finalizing your online order.


Discount application:

  • The discount from a promotional code is applied before taxes and shipping costs.


Possible restrictions:

  • The terms and conditions of a specific promotion may include restrictions, such as product category, validity dates or order quantities.


Modification of Terms and Conditions:

  • L'Académie Saint-Bernard reserves the right to modify the present terms and conditions of promotions without prior notice.




Welcome to the terms and conditions governing the use of procedure protocols and dressing application techniques offered by Académie Saint-Bernard. Please read the following provisions carefully before using our recommendations. By choosing to follow our protocols and techniques, you expressly accept the terms and conditions set out below.


Safety and Effectiveness of Techniques

  • The Académie Saint-Bernard attaches the utmost importance to the safety and effectiveness of the techniques it teaches. Our intervention protocols and dressing application techniques are carefully developed in strict compliance with current standards and best practices in first aid. Our primary objective is to ensure the safety and well-being of our victims. However, it is essential to note that emergency situations can vary considerably, and our recommendations do not cover every possible case.


First aid training

  • We strongly encourage all first responders to keep their first aid training up to date. This ensures the effectiveness of your actions and keeps you up to date with the latest developments in emergency care. It is your responsibility to ensure that your first aid skills are up to date and appropriate for each situation.


Use of Professional Advice

  • Our recommendations are general guidelines. You should not regard them as an exclusive source of information. It is your responsibility to seek additional professional advice in the event of any first aid situation, whether benign, complex or unusual. If in doubt about the application of the protocols or techniques taught, you should immediately call the 911 emergency number and follow the instructions of the emergency medical dispatcher.


User responsibility

  • Académie Saint-Bernard declines all responsibility, whether direct or indirect, for any inappropriate use of the techniques taught. You assume full responsibility for the application of our recommendations and techniques. By using our procedure protocols and dressing application techniques, you agree to hold Académie Saint-Bernard, its instructors, and its affiliates harmless from any consequences arising from your use of the information provided.


Modification of Terms and Conditions

  • Académie Saint-Bernard reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time, without notice. Changes will be effective immediately upon posting on our website or by any other means of communication we use. It is your responsibility to check these terms and conditions regularly for any updates.


By using our procedure protocols and dressing application techniques, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions. If you do not accept these terms, please do not use our recommendations. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us for clarification before proceeding.


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