Standard first aid - Including Infant and Child CPR

Standard first aid - Including Infant and Child CPR

Discover our 8-hour general first aid training, specially designed for Ontario. Get certified for 3 years and meet the "Child care rules in Ontario". Protect your little ones with confidence thanks to Académie Saint-Bernard.

Duration 8 heures
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Certification Valid for 3 years
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  • Training duration: 8 hours.
  • Certification valid for 3 years.
  • Training that meets the "Child care rules in Ontario".

Source: Child care rules in Ontario


  • Complete all readings included in the course.
  • Complete all mandatory practical sessions within the given minimum times.
  • Pass with an average of 80% or more each of the theoretical assessments included in the course.


  • Once you have successfully completed your training through in-home practical sessions and multiple-choice theory exams, you will receive your certificate in PDF format, valid for 3 years and meeting the requirements of the "Child care rules in Ontario".


  • Click HERE to access the intervention protocols for this training.

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Protect toddlers with our 8-hour training course designed for Ontario

General First Aid - Covering CPR for Infants and Children

Académie Saint-Bernard presents essential General First Aid training, specially designed for Ontario residents. Our comprehensive 8-hour program is designed to equip you with vital first aid skills, including CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) adapted for infants and children. Learn how to react quickly in an emergency and protect those who matter most.


Certification Valid for 3 Years

Your peace of mind is important. Our General First Aid training provides certification that remains valid for 3 years. You'll be ready to respond in an emergency, knowing your skills are up to date. Leave nothing to chance - invest in your training and children's safety.


Compliance with the Ontario Child Care Rules

We are proud to offer training that meets the "Rules for Child Care in Ontario". Protect yourself and the children you care about by training to the highest standards. Académie Saint-Bernard ensures that its training meets the latest and most stringent safety requirements.


For People Working in Ontario

This training is specially designed for Ontario residents. Whether you're a parent, caregiver, teacher or early childhood professional, our program meets your specific infant and child first aid needs. Be prepared to act with confidence in an emergency.


Don't leave child safety to chance. Sign up for our 8-hour, Ontario-specific general first aid training and make sure you're ready to protect those who matter most.


For more information and to register, contact us today at Académie Saint-Bernard. Your training starts here, and child safety starts with you.


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