Renewal First aid - Adapted to early childhood (6h)

Renewal First aid - Adapted to early childhood (6h)

Upon successful completion of this early childhood renewal training course, you'll be able to apply the right intervention protocol(s) in the presence of a child in medical, traumatic, psychosocial or allergic distress. You'll also be able to identify and apply the right techniques to avoid the risk of contamination. You'll be aware of the various precautions to be taken on a daily basis.

Duration 6 heures
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Certification Valid for 3 years
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  • 100% online training
  • Six (6) hour renewal course
  • Includes management of severe allergies
  • Meets "Ministère de la famille" requirements
  • Certification valid for three (3) years


  • Training duration: 6 hours.
  • Certification valid for 3 years.
  • Specific first-aid training adapted to early childhood.
  • Includes a section on anaphylactic-type allergic reactions.


  • Complete all readings included in the course.
  • Complete all mandatory practical sessions within the given minimum times.
  • Pass with an average of 80% or more each of the theoretical assessments included in the course.


  • Once you have successfully completed your training through in-home practical sessions and multiple-choice theory exams, you will receive your certificate in PDF format, valid for 3 years.


  • Click HERE to access the intervention protocols for this training.

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Renewal Training in First Aid for Young Children

Refresh your first-aid skills to keep toddlers safe

Early childhood educators play a crucial role in the safety and well-being of the children in their care. In the event of a medical emergency, a rapid and effective response is essential to ensure their safety and comfort. Our Early Childhood First Aid Refresher Course is the ideal way to update your first aid skills, recognizing that you already have some knowledge in this field.

Ministère de la Famille renewal requirements for early childhood educators

In Quebec, the Ministère de la Famille imposes strict requirements for the renewal of first aid certification for early childhood educators. Our Secourisme Adapté à la Petite Enfance Renewal program meets these requirements perfectly, offering comprehensive, practical training that complies with the Ministry's standards. By regularly renewing your certification, you ensure the safety of the children entrusted to your care, and meet the expectations of parents and families in terms of children's safety and well-being.

Contents of the Early Childhood First Aid Renewal course: updating your specific skills

Our Early Childhood First Aid Renewal course is designed to update your specific skills in first aid for toddlers. You'll benefit from a comprehensive update on the latest first aid practices and recommendations, with a particular focus on skills essential to the care of young children. From managing severe allergic reactions to recognizing signs of distress in infants, our program will consolidate your knowledge and strengthen your ability to respond effectively in an emergency.

Advantages of our Early Childhood First Aid Renewal course

By choosing our Early Childhood First Aid Renewal training, you'll benefit from a number of advantages:

  • Flexibility: Our online program allows you to renew your certification at your own pace and according to your busy schedule.
  • Interactive content: Videos, quizzes and emergency simulations make learning more engaging and effective.
  • Up-to-date knowledge: Keep up to date with the latest practices and recommendations in infant first aid.
  • Increased confidence: By regularly renewing your certification, you reinforce your confidence in your ability to react in an emergency, reassuring children and parents alike.

Opt for our Renewal Training in First Aid Adapted to Early Childhood and keep your first aid skills up to date to ensure the safety and well-being of children in your workplace.

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