First Aid - School Transporters (8h)

First Aid - School Transporters (8h)
Description Upon successful completion of your training through practical sessions at home and multiple choice theory exams, you will receive your certificate in "PDF" format, valid for a period of 3 years.
Duration 8 heures
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Certification Valid for 3 years
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  • Duration of training: 8 hours.
  • Certification valid for a period of 3 years.
  • Specific training for school transporters.
  • Includes a component on anaphylactic allergic reactions.


  • Complete all the readings included in the training.
  • Complete all mandatory practical sessions within the given minimum time requirements.
  • Pass with an average of 80% or more each of the theoretical evaluations included in the training.


  • Upon successful completion of your training through practical sessions at home and multiple choice theory exams, you will receive your certificate in electronic form, valid for a period of 3 years.


  • Click HERE to access the intervention protocols for this training.

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First Aid for School Carriers: Essential Training for Child Safety


First aid training for school transporters is a crucial step for professionals working in the field of child transport. As those responsible for the supervision and safety of the children they transport, these drivers need to be well prepared to deal with any possible medical emergency. This training course is specially designed to help school transport operators acquire the skills and knowledge they need to provide assistance in the event of a medical incident during school trips.

Why is a first aid course for school bus drivers essential?

School bus drivers can be confronted with a variety of emergency situations, such as students choking, having epileptic seizures or being injured in accidents. The first aid course for school bus drivers prepares them to act quickly and effectively in emergency situations.

Training content

First aid training for school transporters covers a number of important topics, including :

  • Emergency recognition: Learn how to quickly identify critical situations requiring immediate intervention.
  • Airway management: Learn how to maintain a clear airway in case of need.
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR): Acquire the skills to correctly administer CPR in the event of cardiac arrest.
  • Treatment of wounds and burns: Know how to provide first aid in the event of wounds or burns.
  • Bleeding management: Learn how to control bleeding to minimize risk to injured students.
  • Head and neck trauma: Identify and respond to potential head and neck trauma.
  • Managing shock situations: Acquire the skills to manage shock situations in students.
  • Emergency communication: Learn how to communicate effectively with students and emergency services when necessary.
  • Working with local emergency services: Learn how to work in harmony with local emergency services in the event of a major emergency.
  • Managing students with medical conditions: Be able to handle situations involving students with specific medical conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes or asthma.

Interactive learning method

School bus first aid training is designed to be interactive and practical. School transport professionals have the opportunity to participate in simulation exercises to put into practice the skills acquired during training. This approach enables drivers to familiarize themselves with emergency procedures and gain the confidence to react quickly and effectively to critical situations.

Nationally recognized certification

The first aid certification awarded at the end of the training course is nationally recognized, attesting to the ability of school transport operators to provide emergency assistance in the event of a medical incident. This accreditation strengthens the confidence of parents, schools and transport organizations in the ability of drivers to keep students safe.


All in all, first-aid training for school transport operators is essential for professionals who transport children. Thanks to this comprehensive training, drivers are better prepared to deal with any medical emergencies that may arise, and thus guarantee the safety of pupils and staff in the school transport environment.

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