Two Years of Progress for a Safer Future

An Innovative Vision for Safety

Since its transformation into an online training center in 2015, Académie Saint-Bernard, founded by Alexandre Grenier in 2012, has come a long way in its mission to make CPR and First Aid training accessible to all, while adapting to individual learning needs.


Breaking down traditional barriers

Alexandre Grenier's initial idea was to break down traditional barriers by making CPR and First Aid training more accessible. Thanks to a dedicated team of healthcare professionals and academic development specialists, the Academy launched its first online training course in March 2019, marking a major turning point in its commitment to promoting safety and saving lives.


Continuous growth and innovation

Since then, Académie Saint-Bernard has continued to grow and innovate. It continually strives to improve its services to train a growing number of participants in first aid techniques. The goal remains clear: to save as many lives as possible and contribute to a safer future for all.


Learner-centered approach

By adopting a learner-centered approach and exploiting digital technologies, the Académie Saint-Bernard responds to the modern challenges of education and training. This not only makes vital first aid skills more geographically accessible, but also allows us to adapt to everyone's different learning rhythms.


Ongoing commitment to safety

As the Academy pursues its mission, it remains resolutely committed to raising the standards of quality in CPR and First Aid training, while actively contributing to building a future where safety and preparedness are priorities shared by all.


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