Why follow CPR training

Every second counts.

Pourquoi suivre une formation RCR?

Eight out of ten cardiac arrests occur outside hospitals

Every year, thousands of Canadians die from cardiac arrest because they did not receive the necessary medical care quickly enough. Eight out of ten cardiac arrests occurring outside a hospital. They occur at home and CPR is performed by citizens in only about 15% of cases. When a cardiac arrest occurs, every second counts. For every minute that elapses without assistance, the chances of survival are estimated to decrease by 10%.

What is the CPR?

What we mean by assistance is the practice of CPR. But it is essential to contact the emergency services, the 9-1-1, three figures that save your life. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is used to stimulate the heart muscle and restore blood circulation in the person who has cardiac arrest to keep them alive until help arrives.

CPR can quadruple survival rate

A landmark study of the New England Journal of Medicine found that citizen-directed CPR can almost quadruple survival rates. In addition, the quality of life of people who have survived cardiac arrest is much better if citizens first administered CPR before help came in because by manually circulating the blood in the body, we reduce risk of cell death. That’s why it’s important to be aware of CPR practices. Not only for others but also for you and your loved ones.