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For individuals

YES, All our courses follow the latest national standards for first aid and emergency cardiovascular care.
Our courses ensure that each candidate obtains a certificate worthy of mention. Compared to other sites, you will have to go through multiple learning processes such as: High quality training, practical sessions as well as multiple choice theoretical exams.

For companies

NO, we have no connection with CNESST. However, our training meets and even exceeds the training offered by organizations accredited by the CNESST.
YES, If you are an employer and your payroll is over $ 2 million, you must invest the equivalent of at least 1% of your payroll in carrying out training activities. Our courses are eligible.
YES, Our site allows you to manage all of your activities quickly and easily. As requested by Revenu Québec, you will have access to the complete history of your investments in training, and for at least 6 years.

For health care provider

YES, all of our training can give you qualifying hours under the continuing education requirements of your professional association, through your invoices, patents and pass cards. These documents will show the number of cumulative learning hours.
YES, our specific training for health care provider follows the latest national standards for first aid and emergency cardiovascular care, specifically for health professionals.

For early childhood centers (CPE)

YES, our specific first aid training adapted to early childhood allows the candidate to obtain a valid certification from any employer (example: CPE, daycare, school, recreation and sport establishment) which has a direct link with the children.

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