Why choose the Saint-Bernard Academy?

10 reasons to choose us.

10 raisons de nous choisir

1- Flexibility

  1. When you want
  2. When you want
  3. Take the time you need

2- The quality of our training

  1. It follows the latest guidelines of the ILCOR
  2. Based on the latest medical literature recognized worldwide
  3. They have been created by health professionals working in the field of emergency for more than 10 years

3- Ease of learning

  1. Many explanatory images
  2. Short and precise texts
  3. Multiple choice exams with unlimited retake

4- Environment that is best for you

  1. In your living room, on public transport or in your bath
  2. With your family or friends
  3. Without the presence of other students who may interfere with your learning

5- At your own pace

  1. Take all the time you need to complete your training
  2. No stress related to the delivery of a essay or an exam deadline
  3. Achieve your training section by section to remain motivated

6- Saving money

  1. No expenses related to traveling
  2. No expenses related to making a meal
  3. No absence of work is necessary

7- Nationally recognized training

  1. Our trainings follow the North American recommendations for resuscitation
  2. Our first aid training exceeds the minimum recommended requirements
  3. With our theoretical exams as well as our practical assignments, you will be assured to obtain a certification worthy of mention

8- Personalized support at all times

  1. Email us and one of our health professionals will answer you as soon as possible

9- Take advantage of an unparalleled follow-up

  1. Receive an email when there’s a guideline modification
  2. Receive an annual reminder to keep your skills up to date
  3. You will feel confident if an emergency arises for you

10- Access to privileged documentation

  1. You will have access to clinical intervention protocols
  2. You will have access, at any time, to your personal profile
  3. You will enjoy exclusive discounts on our online store