Choking relief technique among infant

The Mofenson method is a first aid technique specifically used to clear an infant's airway in the event of an obstruction by an object. It is essential to note that this method should only be used when the infant is not making any audible sounds, cries or screams. When obstruction is present, the rescuer should act quickly by following a specific sequence of actions to try to clear the infant's airway.

Mofenson's method is a life-saving first aid technique that can be vital to saving an infant's life in the event of an airway obstruction. It is crucial to follow the specific sequence of actions and repeat the method until the infant is released to maximize the chance of success. If this fails, it is important to begin cardiac resuscitation to maintain blood flow and oxygenation of the body.


Definition and Meaning

Infant airway clearance refers to a series of actions and techniques to clear an infant's blocked airway to make breathing easier. An infant's airway can be blocked by a variety of things, such as food, fluid, vomit, or other foreign objects. Signs of airway obstruction in an infant include difficult or wheezing breathing, a pale or blue face, signs of respiratory distress, or weak or absent crying. Airway clearance in infants can be performed using techniques such as the tilted head technique, nasopharyngeal suctioning technique, or oropharyngeal suctioning technique. It is important to follow proper medical care protocols for airway clearance in infants to avoid further damage or complications.

Mofenson Method Procedure

To perform the Mofenson method, the rescuer should sit and place the infant flat on his or her forearm, holding the infant's head with his or her hand. The rescuer then places the forearm on the infant's thigh, moving the foot forward so that the infant's head is lower than the body, making it easier for the object to be removed. He then taps the child five times on the back between the shoulder blades with the heel of his open hand. If the method works, the object should be gently retrieved from the child's mouth (the rescuer must see the object in the victim's mouth. At no time should the rescuer blindly insert fingers into a victim's mouth).


Failure procedure

If the method fails, the rescuer should turn the infant onto his or her back and perform five chest compressions. If successful, the object should be gently retrieved from the infant's mouth. If the method still fails, the sequence should be repeated until the infant becomes unconscious (limp and flaccid). In this case, cardiac resuscitation (chest compressions) should be initiated.



It is important to note that Mofenson's method is only used when other methods of airway clearance have failed. It is also important to remember that it is crucial to call for help as soon as possible when the situation is critical.