Health Care Provider - Legislation

In order to protect the public and improve the quality of care and services, health professionals, like members of all other professions governed by the Professional Code, must keep their knowledge up-to-date and take training keep on going. As clinical changes continue to evolve, these professionals need to upgrade their knowledge and skills to update their personal skills.

Continuing education

Continuing education enables workers to better adapt to scientific discoveries, new technologies and changes in the health system. The type of training followed must be directly related to his professional practice. Candidates pursuing training may decide on the learning activity that best meets their needs and is related to their professional practice. Courses may be offered by a specialized institution such as ours. Training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation (ACLS) are eligible for the accounting of the annual hours required by the professional order.

When you receive training from us, an explanatory and detailed invoice and a certificate will be issued to you to credit annual training hours meeting the requirements of your professional order. The certificate and your invoice will be available at any time on our academiesb.comsite, as long as your training is valid.

The Regulation respecting mandatory continuing education for Québec's Licensed Practical Nurses

This regulation stipulates that continuing education activities may be recognized for the accounting of the hours required if the said activities are directly related to the practice of the profession and that this training complies with the following criteria:

  • The competence as well as the qualifications of the trainer
  • The content of the training
  • The framework in which training is given
  • The quality of the material provided – Presence control mechanisms
  • Mechanisms to evaluate participation

A certification worthy of mention

You will find on our site many high quality trainings. All our courses come from the most recent renowned medical literature. Following a rigorous online learning process, you will receive a certification worthy of mention. It is thanks to the various practical modules as well as to our theoretical exams that you will obtain aptitudes useful to the exercise of your functions.